Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Yamla Pagla Deewana - Catch the entire Deol family together

Produced by Top Angle productions 'Yamla Pagla Deewana' is all set to hit the screens on 14th January 2011. Starring the Deol family of Dharmendra, Sunny and Bobby together for the first time, Yamla Pagla Deewana is an action comedy with lots of romance that travels across Canada, Banaras and Punjab.

Dharam Singh (Dharmendra) and Gajodhar Singh (Bobby Deol) are a father-son duo of conmen from Banaras who are happy conning people and drinking their lives away. Their happy go lucky lives take a twist when a rich NRI Paramveer Singh (Sunny Deol) comes to Banaras claiming to be the elder brother of Gajodhar who has been separated during childhood. The conmen duo realizes that they can use the elder brother’s muscle power to plan bigger heists. However Gajodhar falls in love with Saheba, a Sardarni from Punjab, whose brother takes her away. The family then goes to Punjab to bring her back.

Directed and Produced by Sameer Karnik the movie has all the makings of a Bollywood family entertainer with dollops of action., comedy and romance.
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Gulliver’s Travels - A treat for your kids in the New Year

Jonathan Swift’s well known children’s story of the adventurous Gulliver who lands in the land of Lilliputs gets a modern day twist in this comic adventure story. Jack Black plays travel writer Lemuel Gulliver, a geek who has not made much progress in the newspaper he works for, nor in his love life, as he pines away silently for his travel editor. Upon taking the initiative to ask for a travel assignment, he is sent to Bermuda and lands up on the island of Liliput, inhabited by tiny people. Gulliver is captured by the brave Liliputs and turned over to their King Theodore and daughter Princess Mary by the General. Gulliver is sent to do slave labour where he meets Horatio, who loves Princess Mary, but cannot marry her as he is a commoner.

When a rival island attacks the Liliputs, Gulliver rescues them. In his new role as the hero, he gets the Liliputs to build him a luxury home and all sorts of other fantasies including a giant theater. The General resents Gulliver and his new found stardom, and there is trouble for Gulliver which he survives. He also wins his lady love when she comes looking for him.

Directed by Rob Letterman ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ stars the incredibly funny Jack Black, Emily Blunt as Princess Mary and Jason Siegel as Horatio.

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No one Killed Jessica

‘No One Killed Jessica’ is a movie based on the backdrop of the high profile Jessica Lala case which shook the nation a few years ago. Jessica Lal, a young Delhi based model, was shot in cold blood at a high profile party in Delhi by an inebriated young man with rich and powerful connections. How witnesses started turning hostile, how the rich and powerful tried to subvert the case and how the media turned around a verdict setting the accused free for lack of evidence and how Jessica’s sister Sabrina Lal fought an almost lone battle to keep the case alive, are well known. This captivating and real story sets the backdrop for a promising young director Rajkumar Gupta who made the highly acclaimed and bold film ‘Aamir’ a few years ago.

Produced by UTV Spotboy the film ‘No One Killed Jessica’ stars Rani Mukherjee as an investigative television journalist, Meera Gaity, and a deglamorised Vidya Balan playing the powerful role of Sabrina Lal. They are backed by a strong supporting cast. The music of the film is composed by National award-winning composer Amit Trivedi who also composed for ‘Aamir’, while lyrics are written by Amitabh Bhattacharya.

‘No one killed Jessica’ promises to be a bold attempt as it showcases the lacunae in the system on the big screen. The title itself speaks of the hypocrisy of the system when a person who killed another in front of several people almost gets away because the witnesses have either compromised or backed out, save for a few, leaving a murder witnessed by many but there is no murderer. The movie is set to release on January 7, 2011 and must be watched by everyone in solidarity of the cause, just as much for the freshness and boldness that Rakhumar Gupta brings with his films and much awaited performances of talented actresses such as Rani Mukherjee and Vidya Balan in powerful roles.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Bollywood Releases: Tees Maar Khan, Toonpur Ka Superhero

Tees Maar Khan movie could possibly be the blockbuster of the year with expected revenue greater than 80 crore during the first week. It is an action-packed comedy, showcasing the greatest heist in history. A smart, daring conman tries to steal antique jewelery worth crores from a moving train.

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Toonpur Ka Superhero is one of kind film starring Ajay Devgan and Kajol. It is fun-filled film combining live-action and computer 3D animation and sure to entertain kids, this christmas. In order to impress his children, Aditya(Ajay Devagan) tries to become a superhero and by chance enters his kid's favorite cartoon show. Watch the movie to find out how he helps Devtoons fight Toonasurs.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Mylari – The much awaited Shivraj Kumar's Kannada film

Mylari, with Sandalwood King Shivraj Kumar, Sada and Sanjana Galrani in the lead, is a family entertainer. It is produced by Kanakapura Srinivas under the R.S.Productions banner and is directed by Chandru. Music has been composed by Gurukiran and the songs have been sung by heavyweight singers such as S.P. Blasubramanyam, Shankar Mahadevan, Kailash Kher, Udit Narayan, Shamita, Chaitra. Even Shivaraj Kumar and Gurukiran have sung a song each for the movie.

Much is expected from this Shivaraj Kumar starrer which is likely to be released in December 24th 2010. The lead actors are supported by Ravi Kale, Rangayana Prabhu, Guru Prasad, John Kokin, Suresh Mangalore, Yashas and others. Book Mylari Movie Tickets Online at NoMoreQ.com
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Kaavalan - Expected to be released during Pongal 2011

Tamil hero Vijay’s upcoming movie ‘Kavalan’ has been completed and is expected to be released during Pongal, 2011. Produced by Sakthi Chidambaram and directed by Siddique, it has music composed by Vidhyasagar, a veteran of 245 movies,  The buzz for ‘Kavalan’ is good as it has reportedly fetched a high price from its overseas markets.

A breezy, romantic comedy with Vijay and Asin in the lead, Kaavalan is written and directed by Siddique. It is based on Siddique’s Malayalam earlier film ‘Bodyguard’. The movie is about a young man who has an obsession to hero worship anyone he finds worth hero worshipping. When he finds his latest hero in a liquor magnate businessman, he joins him as a bodyguard for his beautiful daughter. The bodyguard and the businessman’s daughter fall in love and then separate due to circumstances. How they resolve their love story is what the movie is about, with some unexpected twists and turns as the movie courses along.
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‘Kaavalan’ appears to be the perfect way to begin the new year on a cheerful and romantic note.
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Friday, December 10, 2010

Gorosthane Shabdhan Movie Tickets Online Booking - Gorosthane Shabdhan, a Feluda Story

Gorosthane Shabdhan is a Feluda story in which the famous Feluda alias Pradosh C. Mitter (a private investigator) takes charge of an interesting case. There is a mystery surrounding Thomas Godwin's grave situated in the graveyard of Job Charnock at Park Street, Calcutta and Feluda is out to resolve it.  From the diary of Thomas' daughter Charlotte, Feluda finds that a very precious clock went to Thomas' grave with him and someone is trying to get it. As he tries to unravel the mystery, secrecy deepens. The movie is directed by the legendary Bengali film director and writer Satyajit Ray. Feluda stories were first published in the iconic Sandesh magazine and have been popular ever since. Watch the movie and enjoy the suspense and mystery.

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

No Problem Movie, a hilarious comedy - No Problem Movie Release Date

No Problem revolves around misadventures of two petty theives, Yash(Sanjay Dutt) and Raj(Akshaye Khanna). Raj contemplates going straight and start fresh but Yash deeds always stop Raj from mending his ways. Yash and Raj end up robbing a bank and Zandulal(Paresh Rawal), the bank manager and their neighbor is accused as their accomplice. Zandulal tries to prove his innocence and expose the theives.

Meanwhile, Raj falls in love with Sanjana, daughter of police commissioner(Shakti Kapoor) and sister of Kajal(Sushmita Sen). Kajal's husband is Inspector Arjun Singh(Anil Kapoor) who is chasing Marcos (Sunil Shetty), for robbing diamonds worth crores. In all this midst, a mysterious murder happens. You must watch the movie to unravel the comic trail of love, missing diamonds and wacky characters. Laughter is the best medicine and you are sure to get your money's worth.

The movie is slated to be released on Dec 10th, 2010. Book Online No Problem movie tickets at http://movies.nomorequeue.com
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Friday, December 3, 2010

Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey movie tickets, Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey movie

Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey is a patriotic film based on Chittagong uprising in 1930s against British India. Abhishek Bhachan plays the role of freedom fighter, Surjya Sen, a school teacher by profession. Deepika Padukone plays a challenging role of woman revolutionary in 1930s Bengal. Sikhander Kher, Vishakha, Samrat Mukerji, Maninder play other important roles. In a recent interview, Abhishek praised Director Ashutosh Gowariker's attention to detail and how being an actor himself, his uncanny ability to bring out each character to life.

On the whole, Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey is an educational experience of a little-known chapter in Indian history which is not taught in school textbooks. It's a must see film to understand the patriotic fervor that reigned supreme in 1930s India.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tees Maar Khan – Katrina's Most Awaited Movie

‘Tees Maar Khan’ is Farah Khan’s third movie as director and has been in the news for its controversial casting. A die-hard SRK loyalist, she has cast Akshay Kumar in the lead role for Tees Maar Khan since her husband Shirish Kunder wrote the script keeping Akshay in mind. A movie that is expected to be typical of Farah’s other movies with everything in it – action, comedy, big stars, sets and masala – TMK should not disappoint the average film goer. It is believed to be inspired by the Peter Sellers movie ‘After the Fox’.

Starring the hit pair of Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif, the movie also has Akshaye Khanna in a cameo while Anil Kapoor and Salman Khan make special appearances. Tees Maar Khan Movie is due to release on December 24, 2010.  Block your Tees Maar Khan Tickets Online early.

Akshay Kumar plays the role of Tabrez Mirza Khan while Akshaye Khanna plays the role of Atish Kapoor and Katrina plays the role of a highly glamourized Anya in this movie based on a thief who steals from the rich but does not give to the poor. A messiah with a twist claim the movie promos. 

Others in the cast include Sachin Khedekar, Ali Ashgar, Aman Verma and others. Produced under the banner of Hari Om Productions, Three’s Company and UTV Productions, the movie is now complete. Lyrics have been penned by Shirish Kunder, Vishal Dadlani and Anvita Dutt Guptan and music composed by Shirish Kunder and Vishal and Shekhar. Background score has been composed by Shirish Kunder. The story is by Shirish and Asmith Kunder and editing is by Ashmith Kunder. If Farah's past directorial ventures are any clue, this movie will be one to watch for, for its sheer entertainment value.
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Book Online movie tickets for Super Movie - Kannada

SUPER is a multi-starcast movie directed by Superstar Upendra and produced by Rockline Venkatesh under Rockline Productions. The movie brand is a hand symbol which symbolizes Super. Glamorous Nayanthara, bollywood actress Tulip Joshi, Sadhu Kokila are playing major roles in the film. Music is done by the famous, talented V. Harikrishna and excellent cinematography is done by Ashok Kashyap for this multilingual movie.

The Kannada version of this much-awaited movie, is being released on Dec, 3rd 2010. Telugu and Tamil versions of the Super movie will be released in mid-december. It is believed that the Super movie already earned above Rs.10 crore for its distribution and music rights.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Chronicles of Narnia – The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

In the latest movie of the Narnia series, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie are swallowed into a painting along with their odious cousin Eustace and transported back to Narnia. On the ‘Dawn Treader’, a ship, they join King Caspian and Reepicheep, a warrior mouse and this voyage could well change the fates of Narnia. In their travels they encounter magical creatures and dangerous enemies before reuniting with Aslan, the Great Lion, who is also their friend and protector.

Expected to release worldwide on December 10, 2010, Narnia promises to be another magnificent fantasy film that brings wonderful visuals of action, adventure and science. Produced by Andrew Adamson, Cary Granat and Mark Johnson of Walden Media, the film is directed by Michael Apted. It is based on the story by C.S. Lewis and was written in 1950 as the third book in the Chronicles of Narnia series. The cast of the film include Ben Barnes, Skandar Keynes, Georgie Henley, William Moseley and Anna Popplewell.

Chronicles of Narnia promises to be a must watch for the grand scale and the fantasy world that it promises to unleash. The Chronicles of Narnia Movie Tickets Online at NoMoreQueue.com
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Break Ke Baad - Releasing on Friday Nov 26th

Film maker Kunal Kohli makes his debut as a producer with ‘Break ke baad’, a romantic comedy starring Imran Khan and Deepika Padukone. The lead pair is supported by Shahana Goswami, Yudhistr Urs, Lilette Dubey, Sharmila Tagore and Navin Nischol. Set to release on November 26, 2010, it is directed by Danish Aslam who is making his debut as a film maker. Prasoon Joshi has penned the lyrics and Vishal-Shekhar have composed the music for the movie.

In this fun flick Imran Khan plays Abhay and Deepika plays Aalia. They are childhood sweethearts who plan to figure out how much they love each other by going on a break from one another. Abhay is the besotted lover who finds it difficult to convince the commitment phobic Deepika that he really loves her.

Shot in Delhi, Mumbai and Mauritius ‘Break ke baad’ with its heavy duty cast, young director and an experienced producer, promises to be a fun and peppy movie with good music.

First the movie on first day before critics break it or make it - Online Break Ke Baad Movie Tickets
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Book Online Movie Tickets for The Social Network

The Social Network
The movie is the story of "Facebook", and how it launched a social media revolution. Upset over his breakup with his girlfriend, Mark launches Facemash which allows a user to choose "Hot or Not" Harvard female students. The project becames popular overnight and brings down the Harvard University network. This grabs the attention of two twins, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss who approach Mark to start a social dating website. What follows is the launch of "Facebook". Through terrific script and powerful dialogues, the movie reveals how facebook became immensely popular first among university students and later spread to 500 million people and the two famous lawsuits that surrounded it. The movie is expected to become an oscar winner and achieved great critical acclaim.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Orange Movie Story and Star Cast

After the historic success of ‘Magadheera’, Ram Charan Tej now appears as a playboy in ‘Orange’ Movie, which as the name indicates, appears to be a cute love story. Genelia plays his lady love in Orange film and she has competition from another beautiful young actress, Shahzahn Padamsee, . 'Orange' movie is expected to be a fun filled, youthful flick with loads of good songs, settings and one liners. Ram Charan sports some stylish outfits and hairstyles in this movie. Other supporting actors are Prabhu Ganesan, Madhurima Banerjee, Manjula, Sanjay Swaroop Suman, Brahmanandam, Kishore, Pranathi and Pragathi. Part of the Orange movie is shot in America and Asutralia so one can look out for some great outdoor locations.

Orange directed by Bhasker, who has earlier given hit movies such as ‘Bommarillu’, 'Orange' Cinema is produced by K. Nagendra Babu on the Anjana Productions Banner. Orange Music is by Harris Jayraj while B. Rajasekhar is the Director of Photography. Marthand K. Venkatesh has edited the movie. 

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sanjay Leela Bansali's Guzaarish

I think Guzaarish Movie has everything going for it – Sanjay Leela Bansali a director who tells stories that are larger than life, Hrithik Roshan an actor who is one of the finest in terms of both drawing the viewing public and giving sensitive performances, a beautiful and talented actress – wrapped in a story full of human conflict. Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s latest directorial offering, Guzaarish, showcases Hritik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai in an unusual story of a paraplegic magician and his married nurse. Scheduled to release on November 19, 2010 Guzaarish film is certain to explore all the intense elements of human drama composing of hope, despair, love, hate, life and death as the nurse and her patient deal with one another in ways more intimate than most relationships - and with life itself.

Hritik plays Ethan Mascarenhas, Aishwarya plays Sophi D’souza in the lead roles and they are supported by Adithya Kapoor, Monikangana Dutta and Rajit Kapoor. Guzaarish Movie is produced by Ronnie Screw wala under the UTV Motion Pictures. Music is composed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali himself and has received good reviews already.

Guzaarish is one to watch for movie buffs for its star cast and a director who is known for his vision and penchant for perfectionism. Book your Guzaarish Movie Tickets Online here.
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Online Movie Tickets for New Tamil Movie Releases

New Tamil Move Releases this week.

1. Mynaa Movie: Mynaa is recieving great reviews from everyone. It is a simple love story. Mynaa(Amala Paul) and Surali(Vidaarth) are in love with each other, but Mynaa's mother fixes Mynaa's marriage with a rich guy from neighbouring village. Surali is enraged, has a fight and ends up in Jail. During Diwali celebrations in Jail, Surali manages to escape but two cops Thambi Ramaiah and Bhaskar come to the viallge in search of Surali. What happens next is the climax of the movie.

Book Online Mynaa Movie Tickets

2. Uthama Puthiran Movie: A remake of blockbuster Telugu movie "Ready", Uthama Puthiran film centers on a happy go-lucky youngster (Dhanush) who is willing to take any risk for a good cause. When the family elders arrange marriage for their daughter, he helps her get married with her boyfriend and as a result he is thrown out of the house. In an attempt to help his friend marry his lady love, he mistakenly kidnaps a bride who is about to get married against her wish. What ensues is a good family entertainer.

Book Online Uthama Puthiran Movie Tickets

3. Vallakottal Movie: Vallakottai story is all about Arjun, who comes out from jail, reaches ‘Vallakottai’ with an agenda. Who is he and what are his plans will be revealed in an interesting way. There will be plenty of twists and turns.

Book Online Vallakottal Movie Tickets 
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

GolMaal 3 and Action Replayy - The entertainers for this week

GolMaal 3, as the name indicates, is the third in its series. The Golmaal Movie series have been hugely popular for their big star casts, all out comedy tracks, stunts and complete entertainment. With a star cast that includes Ajay Devgan, Kareena Kapoor, Arshad Warsi, Tushaar Kapoor, Shreyas Talpade, Kunal Khemu, Johnny Lever and others, this movie promises non stop entertainment. Produced under the Shree Ashta Vinayak banner and Directed by Rohit Shetty who had also directed the earlier two versions, Gol Maal 3 Movie comes with a new story line and some new additions to the star cast. Mithun Chakraborty is one of the new additions. The movie, touted as the only trilogy in India, is slated for Diwali release. Pritam has composed the music which has been received favourably already.

Gol Maal 3 Movie is about a family living in Goa, that stays together and does pretty much everything together but cannot stand one another for a moment. Clearly the story line aims at the family audience and has all the makings of a great comedy with this premise. The story is about a finicky, eccentric young man Gopal (Ajay Devgan) who lives with his mother (Ratna Pathak)and younger brother Laxman (Shreyas Talpade). His best friend is the tom boyish Daboo (Kareena) with whom Gopal and Laxman team up to launch several unsuccessful businesses. Then there are Madhav (Arshad Warsi) a con man, his two brothers Lucky (Tushaar Kapoor) who expresses himself only through a sign language and Laxman (Kunal Khemu) who is another con man. These three siblings live with their father Pritam (Mihun Chkaraborty). Add a local Goan don Puppy (Johnny Lever) who has a short term memory loss problem, a 70s attire and a penchant to change his personality every moment, and we have it all.

Gol Maal 3 certainly looks very promising ad has enough fireworks to make this Diwali sparkle.
The other Diwali release ‘Action Replayy’ looks equally promising. With a dishy star cast comprising of Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai and set in the 50s, it promises to be full of fun and entertainment. Action Replayy Movie is based on a 1994 Gujrati play by the same name and has a supporting cast that is equally power packed - Ranbir Kapoor, Neha Dhupia, Kirron Kher, Om Puri, AdityaRoy Kapoor, Rannvijay Singh, Sudeepa Singh. Directed and produced by Vipul Shah, the music is composed by Pritam, Cinematography is by Sejal Shah and Choreography by Ganesh Acharya. The Action Replayy movie is expected to hit the theatres on November 5, 2010.

With a story line that is similar to the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Back to the Future’ Action Replayy Movie is about Bunty (Aditiya Roy Kapoor) who has a pretty sad life. To top it all he has this belief that if his parents had had a love marriage, his life would have been better. Bunty is commitment phobic being witness to the daily fights between his old father Kishen (Akshay) and mother Mala (Aishwarya) and vanishes everytime his girlfriend Tanya (Sudeepa Singh), mentions marriage. But when Tanya’s grandfather, Professor Anthony Gonsalves (Randhir Kapoor), gives him an ultimatum to either marry Tanya or forget her Bunty steals the Professor’s time machine to set things right by going to the 70s and making his parents fall in love with one another.

Action Replayy has a fabulous storyline and lots of potential and is as mouthwatering as any Diwali spread. Go watch it!
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Book Online Bava Movie Tickets - Bava Movie Release on Oct 29th

Bava starring Siddarth and Praneetha is due to be released on Oct 29th, 2010. In this film, Siddarth plays the role of a village youth in Godavari district. Dr.Rajendra Prasad plays the role of Siddarth's father and the female lead, Praneetha is Siddarth's cousin.

Bava movie is filmed to be a family-entertainer and revolves around love and playfulness of two cousins. It also touches upon father-son relationship. Dialogues are written by Chintapalli Ramana and the music is composed by Chakri. Bava movie is directed by Rambabu and produced by M.L. Kumar Chowdary under the banner of Sri Keerthi Combines.

To buy online movie tickets for Bava movie, click on the link below.
Book Online Bava Movie Tickets.
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hyderabad to Tirupati - Book Bus Tickets Online

Tirupati, the major pilgrimage city for Hindus is located in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. It is located at a distance of 550 km, south of Hyderabad. Over 20 million people visit Tirupati annually (50000 a day) which is almost double the number that visit the Vatican city. The Lord Venkateshwara Swamy temple, nestling in the seven hills of Tirumala, is among the busiest pilgrimage centres in the world. Other famous temples in Tirupati are the Padmavathi temple, Alamelu Mangamma temple, Govindaraja temple etc. other plcaes to visit for entertainment are several parks, theatres, multiplexes, theme parks etc. Telugu is the main language spoken here and as it is a tourist attraction, Tirupati has a number of luxury, budget and cheap hotels to cater to every purse. Some of the luxury hotels are Fortune Kences Tirupati, Gopikrishna Tirupati, Sunil Krishna Tirupati, Highland Darshan Tirupati, Bhima’s Residency Tirupati, Annapurna Residency Tirupati, Mayura Tirupati, Sindhu International Tiruapti etc.

Tirupati has hot summers going up to 45 degrees C. September to February, is the best time to visit the town. For the convenience of bus passengers, there are several private buses plying from Hyderabad to Tirupati for which you can book bus tickets online. Popular Bus Operators between Hyderabad to Tirupati include Sree Madhavi Travels, Sree Kaleswari Travels, SVR Tours Travels. Several types of buses like Volvo, Semi Sleeper, Non-AC are available to cater for all sorts of budgets. Major bus boarding points in Hyderabad for this bus route include Ameerpet, Chandanagar, ESI, K.P.H.B, KUKATPALLY, Kachiguda, Lakdi-ka-pool, Madhapur, Miyapur, Nampally, Paradise, Punjagutta, S.R Nagar, Secunderbad Station, Srinivasa Colony and Vivekananda Nagar Colony. while enroute, you get to experience many important towns like Jadcherla, Pebbair, Kurnool, Nandyal, Cuddapah, Rayachoti, and Pileru.

You can book online bus tickets from Hyderabad to Tirupati at buses.nomorequeue.com.
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Friday, October 15, 2010

Online Bus Tickets - Book bus tickets online

book bus tickets onlinebuses.nomorequeue.com has online bus booking facility to various destinations in India. It covers bus tickets to major cities, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune etc from various cities and towns. There is a wide choice available with regard to types of buses, servicing these routes like Deluxe, Semi-deluxe, Sleeper, Luxury, General, Volvo AC etc, to meet low-end as well as high-end budget. In addition, bus travel is most convenient when compared to railways with many boarding and destination points.

Online booking of bus tickets is easy on buses.nomorequeue.com. You can find various details like routes, bus type, timings, boarding/destination points and fares. You also have the ability of advance booking of bus tickets for a hassle-free journey. New bus routes are being added every week. Online bus tickets from Hyderabad to Tirupathi on Sree Madhavi Travels and from Delhi to Manali on Travels Moon are now available.
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jackie Movie - Puneet Raj Kumar Starrer Releasing tomorrow - Oct 14th, 2010

Kannada movie ‘Jackie’ starring Puneet Raj Kumar is set to release on October 15 is among the most awaited movies of the year. Jackie Movie has been directed by Suri of Slum Bala fame and is produced by Raghavedra Raj Kumar. Apart from Puneet Raj Kumar, the movie stars Bhavana in the female lead, Rangayana Raghu, Ravi Kale, Sampath, Shobharaj, Umesh and others.

Jackie Movie promises to be a visual treat having been shot in exotic locations in Namibia, Austria, Somwarpet, Kushalnagar, Mysore and Bangalore. Music of the Jackie movie composed by V. Harikrishna, has already been released and has become very popular with three songs in particular ‘Jackie’, Shiva Antha Goguthidde’, and ‘Edavatha Aithu’ catching the public imagination. It is widely expected that the Jackie movie will set a new record in ticket collections in Kannada film industry.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Aakrosh - A Multi Starrer Movie Releasing on Oct 15th, 2010

Aakrosh movie, set to release on October 15, 2010, is a hard hitting film on honour killings in remote villages in Bihar. Aakrosh, the movie and has a power packed star cast that includes Ajay Devgn, Akshaye Khanna, Bipasha Basu and Paresh Rawal. Film Aakrosh, is directed by Priyadarshan who moves away from his trademark comic films and remakes with this original story and is produced by Kumar Mangat. Music is by Pritam while lyrics have been given by Irshad Kamil. Set in a village called Jhanjhar where three Delhi University students go missing after a ‘Ramleela’ event, the Aakrosh story centres around two CBI officers Siddhant Chaturvedi and Pratap Kumar who try to uncover the mystery of the high profile missing case of the students. What appears to be an honour killing case goes through a mysterious maze of complex caste relations, riots, arson and murders. To complicate matters the two officers have very diverse personalities and work styles and that leads to further conflict. But the two officers have to resolve their issues to crack the case in the face of opposition from the local police, politicians and landlords, who support the local militant outfit called Shool Sena. The low caste members are tight lipped and the only help comes from unexpected quarters, the daughter of the richest person in the village. The mystery unveils itself slowly as another victim of the caste politics, Geeta, stands up as witness.

Aakrosh, the movie promises much with a strong story line, an accomplished director, a food cast and an acclaimed music director and appears to be one of the better bets this season.

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Endhiran frenzy continues..Here are some Rajinikanth Jokes that our users have shared

If you spell Rajinikanth wrong on Google it doesn’t say, “Did you mean Rajinikanth?” It simply replies, “Run while you still have the chance.”

In an average living room there are 1,242 objects Rajanikanth could use to kill you, including the room itself

Rajanikanth makes onions cry.

Rajanikanth can delete the Recycling Bin.

Rajnikant had a nomorequeue coupon to book tickets,the coupon was valid for one time use,but he used the coupon on other shopping portals too to buy flight tickets,buy stuff and recharge his mobile.

Jaha na pahuche Ghajini waha pahuche Rajni.

rajnikanth can divide by zero

When rajni joins twitter, you don't have to follow him, you will mandatory get his tweets

When Rajnikanth went hiking and he felt cold, he pulled up a hill to form the mt.everest to stop the cold winds from the north.

When rajnikant wants to cross a river, he pulls a fish on the surface, stands on it and crosses the river.

Once Rajnikanth was invited to be part of Bigg Boss house. The next thing we heard was "Rajnikanth chahte hain, Bigg Boss confession room mein aayen"

‎20yrs later Robots will make a film called "RAJNIKANT"

Rajinikanth doesn't need a visa to travel abroad, he just jumps from the tallest building in Chennai and holds himself in the air while the earth rotates.

In his next movie, his dialogue is if I kick u even google can't find you....

Raja Kar Aye U Raskalaa .......

In movie MUTHU when he went to other state on horse with meena and ask sum one there a kiss in other language(erruth urreu UMMA thareo)

Leading hand sanitizers claim they can kill 99.9 percent of germs. Rajinikanth can kill 100 percent of whatever he wants.

When Rajinkanth looks in a mirror the mirror shatters, because not even glass is stupid enough to get in between Rajinikanth and Rajinikanth.

There is no such thing as evolution, it’s just a list of creatures that Rajinikanth allowed to live.

Once a cobra bit Rajinikanth’s leg. After five days of excruciating pain, the cobra died.

Rajinikanth is a champion in ‘Hide n’ seek’ game, as no one can hide from him.

Rajinikanth's acting is so good that he even makes onions cry.

Ghosts are actually caused by Rajanikanth killing people faster than death can process them.

Behind every successful man, there is a woman. Behind every dead man, there is Rajanikanth.

The square root of Rajinikanth is pain. Do not try to square Rajinikanth, the result is death.

Rajinikanth once got into a knife-fight. The knife lost.

There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Rajinikanth lives in Chennai.

Rajinikanth knows Victoria's secret.

Rajinikanth kills two stones with one bird.

Rajinikanth’s calendar goes straight from March 31st to April 2nd, no one fools Rajanikanth.

Rajinikanth never wet his bed as a child. The bed wet itself in fear
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Brindavanam Online Movie Ticketing is Open

The much awaited Junior NTR, Kajal Agarwal and Samantha starrer Brindavanam movie is going to hit the screens on October 14th, 2010. Produced by Dil Raju, Brindavanam movie is a family entertainer and has something for everyone. With Junior NTR’s power packed performance, the charms of the two heroines, backed by a solid supporting cast and great technicians, the Brindavanam film is a sure winner.
Going with a tag line, Govindhudu Andhari Vaadele, Brindavanam movie is part action, part comedy and part romance. Brindavanam movie is set in a village that is torn apart by the rivalry of two stubborn step brothers, Prakash Raj and Srihari. Samantha is Prakash Raj’s daughter and Kajal is Srihari’s daughter, the former studying in the city and the latter in the village. In the city, the happy go lucky Junior NTR helps Samantha out of a situation and they become good friends.

All is well until Kajal’s marriage is fixed to a guy she does not wish to marry. She reaches out to Samantha to help her. Samantha asks Junior NTR to help her cousin and that is when the hero enters the village. As he goes about trying to sort this messy issue out delicately, he also manages to sort out many other issues that plague the village. The main issue of the rivalry between the two step brothers is sorted out as well and the stage is set for a happy ending with one hero and two heroines.

Directed by Vamsi Paidipally, Brindavanam movie has a liberal dose of great comedy with Junior NTR, Brahmanandam and some fine action scenes. The cast includes Junior NTR, Samantha, Kajal, Srihari, Prakash Raj, Brahmanandam, Kota Srinivas Rao, Venu Madhav and others. Camera is wielded by Chota K. Naidu while music has been given by S.S.Thaman.
If you are looking for entertainment, don’t miss Brindavanam the movie. Book your Brindavanam movie tickets online at NoMoreQueue.com
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Monday, October 4, 2010

Mahesh Khaleja is set to release on Thursday Oct 7th

Mahesh Khaleja movie is Mahesh Babu’s and Anushka’s much awaited release. Directed by Trivikram Srinivas, Mahesh Khaleja (Kaleja) movie is an romance with liberal doses of adventure and comedy. Mahesh Khaleja film is produced by Singanmala Ramesh and Kalyan under the banner of Sri Surya’s movies.

Mahesh Babu plays the role of a taxi driver in Mahesh Khaleja movie, the son of a principled school teacher. Mahesh Babu lives life as a taxi driver on his own terms, not interfering with anyone’s lives until fate draws him into a series of interesting circumstances. Mahesh Babu is taken to Rajasthan on work and once there he survives a deadly attack on him. When he regains consciousness he is being taken care of by some villagers who then narrate their tale of woe and ask him to rescue them and their village.

Anushka is the lady love of Mahesh Babu while Prakash Raj plays the villain in Mahesh Khaleja movie. Sunil and Brahmanandam play key roles in Mahesh Khaleja movie. Bollywood cinematographer Sunil Patel shot some part of the film while Yash Bhatt shot the rest. Mani Sharma composed the music.

Mahesh Khaleja (Kaleja) film is a much awaited treat for Mahesh Babu fans who will be hoping to see the Trivikram and Mahesh Babu magic being recreated on screen.

Book Mahesh Khaleja (Kaleja) Movie Tickets Online
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Anjaana Anjaani Movie - Looks Too Delicious to Pass

Anjaana Anjaani Movie is a much awaited romantic comedy movie with its young chic and highly talented stars Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Kapoor. Add exotic locales in America, great music and an interesting plot line and you have a hit movie on your hands. Anjaana Anjaani Movie story goes with the by line that the greatest love stories happen between strangers and has the two protagonists trying to live each day like it’s your last, without expectations, forgetting career etc which is what everyone dreams of so there should be no problem with anyone identifying with it.

The story is about Kiara (Priyanka Chopra) from San Francisco and Akash (Ranbir Kapoor) from New York who are both losers and have failed in their careers and love. They decide to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge and as all losers are bound to do, fail at their suicide attempt as well since they find that both of them are on the same bridge at the same time. The rest of the story is about how they decide to go to Las Vegas to give life another chance and make it big.

Anjaana Anjaani Movie is directed by Siddharth Anand and stars Zayed Khan apart from the lead pair. It is produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and Sharan Kapoor. Music has been composed by Vishal Shekhar abd cinematography by Ravi K. Chandran. The music track is already a hit and the promos have generated considerable interest especially in the young crowd. Anjaana Anjaani Movie is scheduled to release on Septemeber 24 and by the looks of it, should be a hit movie world over. Plan ahead and book Anjaana Anjaani Movie Tickets for your family and friends.
Book Anjaana Anjaani Movie Tickets Online at NoMoreQueue.com
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Upcoming Movies in Sept 2010

Many exciting movies are being released in next couple of weeks and most of them are expected to be blockbusters. It is a field time for movie lovers. Have a good time!

List of Upcoming movies is available at http://movies.nomorequeue.com/movies/upcoming-new-movies-in-theaters.html
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Enthiran Movie Tickets Online Booking

Enthiran-Online booking of movie tickets Master film maker S.Shankar’s Enthiran, the tamil science fiction film along with its dubbed versions, Robot in Hindi and Yanthram(Robo) in Telugu is expected to be released on September 24th.

Superstar Rajnikanth(vaseegaran) is playing a gifted scientist who designs an equally gifted robot with an intention to curb the evil forces and instill the peace. Aishwarya Rai Bachan(Sharmili) enters his life and he sets out into the world with mind-blowing consequences.

The film has been shot in exotic locations like Vienna, historical Machu Pichhu in Peru, Brazil and USA with excellent cinematography by R.Rathnavelu. The special effects of the film are expected to be stunning.

Oscar winner A.R Rehman has rendered background score and the lyrics are written by Swanand Kirkire. The film has been in the making for over two years and the budget went over Rs.200 crores. "Endhiran" has already earned a whopping Rs.33 crores for Telugu rights. The film is soon to hit over 2000 theaters worldwide and is expected to be a major blockbuster.

Watch this space for online ticket booking and advanced booking of Enthiran/Robot/Yanthram movie tickets.
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dabangg - The Salman Starrer Releasing on Sept 10th

Salman Khan’s much awaited action flick ‘Dabangg’ is scheduled for release on September 10, 2010. Dabangg movie is about Chulbul Pandey, a corrupt police officer in UP, Bihar, who has shades of Robin Hood (and hence is also known as Robin Hood Pandey). Dabang story is about the unlawful practices in the UP, Bihar area and the involvement of police officials in it. No points for guessing, but Chulbul Pandey is most certain to adopt a leaf out of the villain’s book to pay them back. Salman appears in a new look with a moustache, mouths the local lingo and certainly appears to fit the role of Chulbul Pandey. To support him, he has Arbaaz Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Sonu Sood, Vinod Khanna, Dimple Kapadia, Om Puri, Anupam Kher and others in the cast.

Dabangg is directed by Abhinav Kashyap and produced by Arbaaz Khan. Music is by Lalith Pandit and Sajid-Wajid. Apparently Abhinav Kashyap has hired several actors from the National School of Drama for the movie who have turned in fabulous performances. ‘Dabangg’ has all the makings of a super hit movie and promises to be an out and out entertainer that will launch Salman Khan back to the top of the ratings. I would certainly watch it for sheer entertainment value.
Book Dabangg Movie Tickets Online
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We Are Family – Releasing on Sept 3rd

The Indian adaptation of Chris Columbus’s hit movie ‘Stepmom’ starring Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon boasts of equally heavyweight actors from Bollywood – Kajol and Kareena Kapoor. Directed by new director Siddharth Malhotra and produced by Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions, ‘We Are Family’ lives up to its expectations and is a family entertainer in all senses of the word.

‘We are family’ is the story of Maya, the divorced mother of three children (Kajol) who takes good care of her children and brings them up well despite her estrangement. Her ex-husband Aman (Arjun Rampal) finds a new girlfriend (Kareena) after the divorce which brings in some drama. But things start to boil when Maya is diagnosed with terminal cancer and everyone is forced to live together. Two women, one man, three children and a situation they cannot turn away from makes ‘We Are Family’ an interesting proposition right away. The casting is perfect as both actresses are highly talented and fit the roles perfectly and the same goes for Arjun Rampal and the kids.

Shot in Australia, ‘We Are Family’ is a family drama that can be watched by the entire family. Siddharth Malhotra does a commendable job in adapting a big starrer like Stepmom and pulling it off well for his first movie. The movie is light, fun and has the right element of family drama and does not indulge in needless dramatics.

Music is by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. Backgrund score is by Raju Singh. DOP is Mohanan. A must watch for those into family movies with good sensibilities.

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Monday, August 30, 2010


NoMoreQ.com, an online movie ticketing site has tied up with Complore.com, a premier MBA preparation portal. Through this tie up, NoMoreQ.com would sponsor movie tickets to winners of Complore’s contests. Complore.com runs several contests such as on its site for MBA aspirants such as Daily Contests for Verbal, Quant and DI, Most Active Complorian, Walk the Talk, Complorian of the Week, Most Active Forum Contributor etc.  These contests are designed to make the learning process enjoyable for MBA aspirants. Complore rewards winners of these contests suitably for their efforts, in fun and wholesome ways. 

Another contest that Complore has launched is its Business Plan 2010 Contest. In this contest Complorians submit a Business Plan (pertaining to any sector), that is beneficial to society, within a timeframe, to earn exciting prizes.The NoMoreQ.com management is also part of the panel of judges for the contests.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Aashayein Releasing on Aug 27th

Aashayein, is Nagesh Kukunoor’s long and much awaited release starring John Abraham and newcomer Sonal Sehgal. John Abraham plays Rahul Sharma, a compulsive gambler who wishes to live the life of his dreams and discovers hope and fortune through a dramatic turn of events. Sonal plays Nafisa his devoted girl friend. Others in the cast include Prateeksha Lonkar (Sister Grace), Girish Karnad (Parthasarathi), Farida Jalal (Madhu), Ashwin Chitale (Govinda), Anaitha Nair, Vikram Inamdar, Sonali Sachdev (Doctor) and Shreyas Talpade who pitches in with a special appearance. Music, composed by Salim-Suleiman and Pritam has been released on 27th July 2010. Sudeep Chatterjee is the Director of Photography, Aashayein was shot in Hyderabad and Pondicherry.

Percept Picture company and T series produced the movie which has been written and directed by talented movie maker Nagesh Kukunoor. Aashayein, as the name indicates, also holds much hope for John Abraham and Nagesh Kukunoor as well as their audiences.
Book Aashayein Movie Tickets Online
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Peepli [Live] Releasing on Aug 13th

Produced by Aamir Khana and written and directed by the much acclaimed first time director Anusha Rizvi, Peepli Live is a satire on media and political response to farmer’s suicides. With a motley cast of new and known artistes such as Raghubir Yadav, Omkar Das Manikpuri, Malaika Shenoy and others, Peepli Live which is scheduled for release on August 13, 2010 has already won several accolades in India and abroad. It has already competed in the Sundance Film Festival, is being screened at the Berlin International Film Festival and has won the Best Feature Film award at the Durban Film Festival in South Africa.

The film centres around two poor farmers Natha and Budhia from Peepli village who are about to lose their small plots of land since they have not paid off their loans. However there is a solution to this as the government allows farmers who have committed suicide to keep their lands. As Natha is considering whether he should commit ‘suicide’ to save his land, the media, politicians contesting in the local elections and other villagers join the madness to heighten the drama of his suicide.

Book Peepli Live Movie Tickets Online
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Komaram Puli - The Pawan Kalyan Starrer is all set to release in the 3rd week of August

Directed by S.J.Suryaah who has earlier directed hit films such as ‘Vaali’ and ‘Kushi’, Komaram Puli stars Pawan Kalyan as a cop. Playing the female lead is Nikisha Patel who is the Superintendent of Police. They are supported by a rich cast of artistes such as Manoj Bajpai, Girish Karnad, Charan Raj, Brahmaji and Ali. Shriya Saran adds further glamour to the movie by performing an item number in this movie.

A highlight of this movie is its soundtrack by A.R.Rahman. Komaram Puli’s soundtrack has 6 songs composed by Rahman to lyrics penned by Chandra Bose and has become a best selling audio ever since the audio launch was held on July 11, 2010. The title is inspired by the famous Gond warrior Komaram Bheem who fought against the Asaf Jahi dynasty. Produced at a cost of Rs. 42 crores by producer Singanmala Ramesh, Komaram Puli is slated for release around August 15, 2010. The film is riding high on the expectations raised by the slew of highly successful artistes involved in its making.
Book Komaram Puli Tickets Online
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Once upon a time in Mumbaai is hitting theatres on July 30th

Taran Adarsh gives a big Thumbs Up to the movie Once Upon a time in Mumbaai.

Just watched 'Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai'. An outstanding cinematic experience. Ajay, Emraan, Kangna & Prachi scale dizzier heights - Taran Adarsh.

Here are a few interesting snippets about Once Upon a time in Mumbaai. Follow the links:

1) The producer Ekta Kapoor has roped in the author Shobha De to take on the role of social media consultant for her latest venture
2) Pritam recreates RD Burman’s cabaret song
3) Prachi Desai repeats the magic of Dimple Kapadia

So let us hope the movie lives up to its hype. Don't fail to catch the action.
Once Upon a time in Mumbaai Movie Tickets Online
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Inception Movie Tickets - NoMoreQ.com

Book Inception Movie TicketsInception Movie Synopsis - Dom Cobb(Leonardo DiCaprio) is a skilled professional thief, whose speciality is subconscious security and corporate espionage. He is an expert at stealing secrets from deep within the subconscious minds of rich and powerful. Cobb's rare ability is threatened by his own subconscious which is constantly disrupted by his deceased wife( Marion Cotillard). He is offered a chance of redemption from a shady japanese businessman, Saito(Ken Watanabe). The job is to plant an idea(--Inception) into the subconscious mind of Robert Fischer(Cillian Murphy), the heir to a rival energy conglomerate. Watch the movie to find out what awaits Cobb and his pointman, Arthur(Joseph Gordon-Levitt) while they attempt to do this one last job.

Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Ken Watanabe, Dileep Rao, Cillian Murphy, Tom Berenger, Marion Cotillard, Pete Postlethwaite, Michael Caine, Lukas Haas, Tai-Li Lee, Claire Geare, Magnus Nolan.
Director: Christopher Nolan
Music Director: Hans Zimmer

Showtimes for Inception Movie in India

Inception Movie Official Trailer
Book Inception Movie Tickets
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Raavan Movie Tickets at NoMoreQ

Book Raavan Movie Tickets at NoMoreQ.comMani Ratnam's Raavan is the story of 'Ramayan' set in modern times. Dev(Ram), an encounter specialist marries Ragini(Seeta) and takes up his new assignment to restore administration in Lal Maati. Lal Maati is a small town located in forests of Madhya Pradesh where the rule of the law is dictated by Beera(Raavan). Beera is a protector of down-trodden and is considered a demi-god, and well-respected by the tribals of Lal Maati. Dev takes the first step against Beera and in the process Beera's sister is killed. Enraged Beera hits back and kidnaps Ragini. Thus a journey begins for Dev, Ragini and Beera in the jungles where the lines between good and evil get blurred.
Cast of the movie includes Abhishek Bachchan as Beera (Raavan), Aishwarya Rai as Ragini (Seeta), Vikram Kennedy as Dev (Ram), Govinda as Sanjeevani Kumar (Hanumaan), Nikhil Dwivedi (Laxman), Ashish Vidyarthi (Dashratha), Bipasha Basu (Wife of Raavan).

Raavan has been shot in spectacular locations across India including the forests of Karnataka (Tumkur), Kerala (Athirappilly Falls), Maharashtra (Malshej Ghat), MP (Jhansi), Mahabaleshwar. The songs for the film are composed by A. R. Rahman each having its uniqueness - creative and melodious "Ranjha Ranjha", catchy "Beera Beera", lyrical "Behene De", uplifting "Thok De Killi","Khilli Re" and "Kata Kata". They are sure to become as popular as the songs of "Dil Se" and "Roja".

More than 1200 prints of Raavan in different versions are set to be released on June 18th. Check out http://www.NoMoreQ.com for availability of Raavan movie tickets.
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Friday, June 4, 2010

Rajneeti Movie Tickets

Movie Synopsis:

Rajneeti Movie is all about Indian democracy and its political dynasties. Directed by Prakash Jha, the story is about two cousins, Prithviraj Pratap (Arjun Rampal) and Veerendra Pratap (Manoj Bajpai) who both believe they are the political heirs of the party. When Veerendra finds himself sidelined in favor of Prithiviraj, he teams up with Sooraj (Ajay Devgan), a popular Dalit leader, who himself has leadership on his mind.

However, by twist of fate, Samar Pratap(Ranbir Kapoor), the younger brother of Prithviraj who initially is least interested in politics and pursuig his studies in New York gets drawn into indian politics. With the help of his political mentor, Brij Gopal(Nana Patekar) and childhood friend, Indu(Katrina Kaif), he soon masters the art of political warrfare. Other important characters of Rajneeti movie are Bhaskar Sanyal(Naseruddin Shah), a respected leftist leader who goes on a self-imposed exile from politics and lovable Sarah Jean Collins (Sarah Thompson), girlfriend of Samar.

Check out http://www.NoMoreQ.com for the availability of Rajneeti Movie Tickets
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vedam Movie Tickets - Book Movie Tickets for Vedam at NoMoreQ.com

Book Vedam Movie Tickets
Multi Starrer Telugu film, Vedam is releasing worldwide with 350 prints on June 4th. Jagarlamudi Radhakrishna (Krish), who is known as Krish in the industry has directed this film. It's Krish's second film after Gamyam, which won many awards. This film is co produced by Devineni Prasad and Yarlagada Sobha under Arka Media banner and Music is done by M.M.Keeravani.

In Vedam, Krish unfolds five different stories of five people and connects them together into one single story. The three main characters of the story are Allu Arjun doing the role of Cable Raju, Manoj Manchu plays the role of Vivek Chakravarthy a budding rock star and Anushka plays the role of Saroja, a prostitute. Manoj Bajpai and another old man do the other two important characters in the movie. Vedam Movie Tickets are selling like Hot Cakes. If you live near Miyapur or Nacharam area in Hyderabad book tickets early at http://movies.nomorequeue.com.

Anushka in Vedam Movie

Book Vedam Movie Tickets online at http://movies.nomorequeue.com
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Golimaar Movie Release - Buy Movie Tickets Online at NoMoreQ

Book Golimaar Movie Tickets‘Golimaar’, the much awaited action-based movie, inspired by the Encounter Specialist Dayanayak is being released tomorrow. Gopichand is playing the role of Dayanayak in the film and Priyamani is the female lead.
Director : Puri Jaganath
Producer : Bellamkonda Suresh
Music: Chakri
Camera: Shyam K Naidu

Book Movie Tickets, HyderabadYou can buy movie tickets for Golimaar for the following theaters in Hyderabad at http://www.NoMoreQ.com.

Sai Puja 70MM, Suraram Colony, Jeedimetla, Hyderabad
Vyjayanthi 70MM, Savarkar Nagar, Nacharam
Sai Ranga 70MM, Madhava Nagar Colony, Miyapur
Pratap 70MM Theatre, Langer House, Hyderabad
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Friday, May 21, 2010

Book Movie Tickets Online for Kites Movie

Kites Movie Rating: Fans Overall Rating 4/5

You can book movie tickets online for Kites at http://movies.nomorequeue.com

If you are in Kolkata, you can book Kites movie tickets for the following theatres: Ajanta, Jaya, Asoka, Menoka, Mitra, Paradise, Roxy, Malancha, Priya, Navina, Bioscope, Star Cinema, Jayanthi Cinema

In Bangalore, you can book movie tickets for Kites and watch it in following theatres: Vision Cinemas, Innovative Multiplex

In Hyderabad, book movie tickets for Kites and watch the movie in Venkataramana, Vimal, Pratap, Vyjayanti theatres

Kites movie is also playing in Meghraj Multiplex, Apna Cinema in Navi Mumbai, Neelayam, Vasant Cinema theatres in Pune, Seble theatre in Delhi and Maxus Karla, Maxus Bhyander in Mumbai. Buy movie tickets online and save the hassle of standing in long queues

Kites Movie Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Barbara Mori, Kangna Ranaut, Kabir Bedi, Anand Tiwari, Yuri Suri

Kites Movie Synopsis: In the harsh terrain of the Mexican desert, a mortally wounded man is left or dead in the heat of the desert sun. This is J. Once a street smart, carefree young guy. Now, a wanted man. The only thing that keeps him alive is the quest to find the love of his life, Natasha. A woman engaged to another man, surely destined for J. A woman who comes into his life like a bolt of lightning and changes it forever. KITES is a story of love that goes beyond barriers, boundaries and cultures....
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Monday, April 12, 2010

NoMoreQ.com is rewarding students for their excellence with Free Movie Ticket Vouchers

NoMoreQueue is rewarding students in recognition of their hard work. If you are getting good marks in school/college, here's your chance to win free movie ticket vouchers from nomorequeue and make your parents proud.

If your daughter, son, niece, nephew, cousin, brother, sister has received good grades/marks in school/college, here's a way to congratulate and make him/her happy.

1. Email student's latest report card details to marks@nomorequeue.com including the School/College name, Student's name, Subjects, % of Marks received, Date etc. A scanned copy of marks sheet would work as well. This information would not be shared with others.

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3. NomoreQueue will send you the movie ticket discount voucher which can be redeemed at movies.nomorequeue.com. The voucher is valid up to a month.

4. If the student gets 60% marks, the discount movie ticket voucher would be worth Rs.60/-, if the student gets 95%, the discount movie ticket voucher would be worth Rs.95/-. Higher the marks, greater the reward.

5. Share this news with your friends and classmates. Watch a latest movie together and have a great time.

Online booking of movie tickets not only save you time and energy, it also provides you the ability get tickets for box office hits without the hassle of standing in queue. You can use the Now Running feature to get the latest information on the show timings of movies running in your favorite theaters. You can also have this information on your mobile phone.

We are adding new single theaters every week and you can always find tickets for your favorite movie on NoMoreQ.com. Check out what one of our users had said about our movie ticket booking site
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nomorequeue.com Contest - How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon Contest at nomorequeue.comNoMoreQueue in association with Urvashi 3D Cinema & DreamWorks gives you a chance to win free tickets for preview of "How to train your Dragon" in 3-D at Urvashi, Bangalore on 9th April.

"How to Train Your Dragon", is a 2010 computer-animated fantasy film by DreamWorks Animation based on the novel by British author, Cressida Cowell. The movie was released on 26th March, 2010. The main character is a young viking teenager, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III who aspires to follow his tribe's tradition of becoming a dragon slayer. However, when he captures his first dragon, he finds that he no longer has the desire to kill it and instead befriends it. Just send your answers to dragon@nomorequeue.com for "What is the name given by Hiccup to The Night Fury Dragon?" and you could be the lucky one to win 2 tickets for preview show of “How to train your Dragon”. Conditions apply.
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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Book Bus Tickets Online at NoMoreQueue.com

Book bus tickets online at NoMoreQueue.com
Bus travel is one of the most convenient, affordable modes of transportation in India, especially in places where there are no major railway stations nearby. Several convenient bus routes connect major cities as well as rural areas in India and there are different types of buses servicing these routes like Deluxe, Sleeper, Express, General, Volvo AC buses etc. with several boarding and destination points in each city and town. Many people prefer using these buses for traveling through one city to another. According to National Highway Authority of India, about 80% of passenger traffic is carried by roads.

To make bus travel more convenient, NoMoreQueue.com is now offering the facility of booking bus tickets over the internet to various destinations in India. With online booking of bus tickets, you can save time and money. There is no need to stand in long, serpentine queues at the ticket counters or spend your precious time with travel agents. You have to just logon to the website from the convenience of your home/office, choose your boarding and destination points and the desired date. You will be presented with several options of buses, services and timings. Pick the one you like, do a secure payment either with credit card, debit card or netbanking and you are done.

Experience India by Road and here's an incentive from NoMoreQueue to make it happen - An introductory 25% discount offer on bus tickets for any ticket that is booked through NoMoreQueue online service. To get the discount coupon, become a NoMoreQueue fan on facebook, write on the wall and save money.
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Friday, February 19, 2010

Leader - Sekhar Kammula's Latest Telugu Movie, Rana makes his debut

Rana Daggubati's much awaited movie "Leader" is finally released. Director Sekhar Kammula, after directing many successful films like Anand and Happy Days, came up with the idea to make a movie to showcase the difference between a corrupt politician and a real Leader.

Rana, the grandson of D. Rama Naidu makes his debut as an actor and Richa Gangopadhyay, Priya Anand are the female leads. Other cast members include Kota Srinivasa Rao, Suhasini, Subba Raju, Tanikella Bharani, Sumna, Gollapudi Maruti Rao, Harshavardhan, Rao Ramesh. Mickey J Meher gave special music for this film.

There are no fights or typical tollywood dances in the movie. It is an inspiring movie for those people who believe that there is still time to revive our political system and shows how a good leader can bring about new-age politics in our country.

Watch the movie and let us know your thoughts.
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Free Movie Tickets for Valentine Day Celebrations

Attention Site or Blog Owners:
Want to reward your customers/readers this Valentine Day with free movie tickets? Then get in touch with us. We have some interesting ideas.
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

A few passes are still available for Bimal Roy Centenary Film Festival

A few passes are still available. Catch Bimal Roy's magic with your family and friends. Don't miss this Golden Opportunity. For Bimal Roy Film Festival Online Free Passes Click Here.

You have a great choice available at the best screens in Hyderabad:

Bandini, Madhumati, Do Bigha Zameen, Yahudi, Devdas, Parineeta, Sujata and Udayer Pathey.

For those who are not completely familiar about Bimal Roy here is a small biography about him:

When Roy came from Calcutta to Bombay in 1951 - with a group of talented professionals from Calcutta - script writer, cameraman, set designer and song writer - he found that scripts were unheard of and dialogues being written on the sets. He established his "school" of film making - Bimal Roy Productions - that delivered masterpiece after masterpiece. He was a master craftsman and also an inspiring teacher, training many excellent technicians, who went on to become famous after him.Do Bigha Zamin(1953 ), his first independent production, is a cinematic reference point. It introduced Indian cinema to the west by winning a special mention at Cannes and Karlovy Vary. Another film, the documentary-Gautama the Buddha,-won a Gold Medal at Cannes in 1954. In India, he won a Filmfare award every year that he made a film,eleven in all, a record still unbroken 43 years after his death.

His lyrical, sensitively crafted, brilliantly photographed black and white films represent the "golden age" of Indian cinema, along with the work of three other directors of the 50's - Mehboob Khan, Raj Kapoor and Guru Dutt. When he died on January 8, 1966, at the age of 55, he left behind a legacy of seventeen wonderful films (including three in his native Bengali) that Indians still cherish.
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Watching 3 Idiots at Neelayam in Pune!

I was in Pune on vacation with my family during the last week of 2009, winding down after a rather uncertain year. After lot s of shopping at the malls, Laxmi Road, FC Road etc and having soaked up the fine Pune weather which gets better in winter, we looked at entertainment options. Movies came up - 3 Idiots was the first choice, followed by Avatar. The list of theatres was exhaustive and we were not sure if we would get tickets after all the trouble of going there in the Pune traffic. That’s when I decided to check for online booking options and logged on to the internet. I remembered a couple of sites advertising in the Hyderabad movie pages.

I found www.nomorequeue.com, an online movie ticket booking site which offered tickets for 3 Idiots at Neelayam theatre (which is one of the better theatres in Pune and quite central too). I booked the tickets online, got an SMS on my mobile and an email as well, which I needed to show to the ticketing counter to get my tickets. I announced the good news to the family and they were all very pleased with my efficiency!

Booking tickets is one thing but the actual experience of watching the movie is quite another and I was a bit apprehensive as we headed off to the theatre. But full marks to nomorequeue.com and the Neelayam guys – the experience was as smooth as it could get. I walked in and presented my mobile with the SMS and he just handed me the tickets in a jiffy. And guess what, since he had a separate counter for internet booking, it was really a case of nomorequeue!

To top it all, the movie was brilliant and we all had a blast. Now everyone thinks I am an expert on internet booking and movie ticketing deals etc. Thank you all you guys at nomorequeue.com, Neelayam and of course the makers of 3 Idiots for making it a wonderful experience for all of us – I think I am hooked on to this online booking now!

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