Sunday, August 16, 2009

Limited Time Offer - Book more than 4 tickets at get 50% discount

We are currently running this offer. Have you seen Kaminey yet? Avail the 50% discount and splurge the money saved on Coke, Sandwiches and Popcorn. Happy Movie Watching.
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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gift a movie ticket to your friends

How would you love to receive movie tickets as gifts? Who wouldn’t? Well, you could do the same for your friends, family or even your boss. And from the comfort of your home or office on allows you to book tickets online and then gift them to your loved ones. This site has wonderful features like “Now Running” to see all the show timings and theatres and helps you decide on the movie and the theatre and the show and then completes the process by booking your tickets for you! What could be a more simple way to gift a movie?
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API Feed for Now Running

On booking tickets for movies is so simple. All movie listings in your city are available in the “Now Running” feature.

When you want to book a movie ticket online, you can check what movies are now running at your favourite theatre and at what time.. and you get the info right there on the “Now Running” feature of

If you’d like to give this same info to your visitors, we could give the same to you as an Application Program Interface (API) or a widget at no cost to you. You can add value to your site by giving your visitors this added feature.
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