Sunday, January 17, 2010

Watching 3 Idiots at Neelayam in Pune!

I was in Pune on vacation with my family during the last week of 2009, winding down after a rather uncertain year. After lot s of shopping at the malls, Laxmi Road, FC Road etc and having soaked up the fine Pune weather which gets better in winter, we looked at entertainment options. Movies came up - 3 Idiots was the first choice, followed by Avatar. The list of theatres was exhaustive and we were not sure if we would get tickets after all the trouble of going there in the Pune traffic. That’s when I decided to check for online booking options and logged on to the internet. I remembered a couple of sites advertising in the Hyderabad movie pages.

I found, an online movie ticket booking site which offered tickets for 3 Idiots at Neelayam theatre (which is one of the better theatres in Pune and quite central too). I booked the tickets online, got an SMS on my mobile and an email as well, which I needed to show to the ticketing counter to get my tickets. I announced the good news to the family and they were all very pleased with my efficiency!

Booking tickets is one thing but the actual experience of watching the movie is quite another and I was a bit apprehensive as we headed off to the theatre. But full marks to and the Neelayam guys – the experience was as smooth as it could get. I walked in and presented my mobile with the SMS and he just handed me the tickets in a jiffy. And guess what, since he had a separate counter for internet booking, it was really a case of nomorequeue!

To top it all, the movie was brilliant and we all had a blast. Now everyone thinks I am an expert on internet booking and movie ticketing deals etc. Thank you all you guys at, Neelayam and of course the makers of 3 Idiots for making it a wonderful experience for all of us – I think I am hooked on to this online booking now!

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