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Golconda High School – A Must-See New Year Gift From The Makers of Ashta Chamma

Continuing their brand of producing meaningful, clean and entertaining Telugu movies Art Beat Capital, the production house that produced the runaway hit ‘Ashta Chamma’ has brought the team together to make ‘Golconda High School’ - a movie with many firsts in Telugu cinema. To start with the backdrop of the Golconda High School (Golkonda High School) story is cricket, it is based on an English novel and it deals with an age group of children in their early teens which is not often dealt with in Telugu cinema.

Talented film maker Mohana Krishna Indraganti has adapted the story from the English novel ‘The Men Within’ written by Harimohan Paruvu and has directed this movie. Golconda High School ( GHS ) stars Sumanth who plays a cricket coach who is brought in by the school to turn its fortunes around, Swathi who plays the role of the English teacher, Bharani who plays the role of the Principal, and Subba Raju as a greedy Board member out to sell the grounds in connivance with Shafi, who plays the ambitious Maths teacher. The movie also has fifteen young actors who form the Golconda High School cricket team which strives to win a tournament against all odds.

Cinematography is by the accomplished K.K.Senthil Kumar (of Magadheera, Arunhati, Yamadonga fame), music by Kalyani Malik (Aithe, Ashta Chamma) and art by Ravinder (Aithe, Magadheera). The movie produced by the award winning producer of Ashta Chamma which was made into a case study at the ISB, and an IIM’ Ahmedabad graduate himself, Ram Mohan. P, has got all the top technicians in the business, a good story, strong performances from experienced artistes and it looks good from the promos. 

Golconda High School is the story of a school once known for its all round supremacy which is now facing threat from its own Board members (Subba Raju) who want to sell away the cricket grounds that are now prime real estate. The members argue that these days no parents or students want playgrounds; they want ranks, and hence the grounds should be converted into coaching classes. The wise and adamant school Principal Vishwanath Sharma (Bharani) seeks three months time to turn the school around and calls upon his old student and past cricket captain Sampath (Sumanth) to coach the indisciplined and mediocre Golconda High School cricket team which has never won a game for many years. How Sampath turns this team into a cracking unit that gives everyone a run for their money against all expectations is what the movie is all about. Sampath also gets much support from Anjali (Swathi) the English teacher who supports the idealistic coach during his tough times. Will the fragmented and undisciplined GHS team come together and turn around its fortunes and save the school grounds?

Watch this movie. It promises to be a great entertainer. Music is out and is good. Promos look good. GHS promises to kick off with a good start to 2011 with film all set for a Sankranti release on January 15th.

Producers comments: P. Ram Mohan

‘Golconda High School is based on an English cricket novel ‘The Men Within’ which is an inspiring story. As with all our movies we stick to making clean entertaining movies for the Telugu audience and we chose this subject to also make a statement that all round growth I important to children. They cannot always be made to study for ranks and lose their childhoods. GHS makes a case for grounds, for playing, for holistic growth of children. Games play a big part. And we tried to present this through an entertaining and gripping story with good performances, good technical and production values. We are sure it will appeal to a nine year old as well as a ninety year old. It will also redefine the way heroism is looked at by viewers.’

Director’s comments: Mohana Krishna Indraganti 

‘I adapted Golconda High School from an English novel ‘The Men Within’ written by Harimohan Paruvu. When Ram Mohan, the producer of the film asked me if I could make this story into a movie I read the novel again and found it a very interesting story to make into a movie because it had many first to it. Cricket is being shown for the first time in Telugu movies, this age group of boys I also a very challenging group. I wanted to present in an entertaining manner the growth of the boys and the Coach as they strive hard for their convictions. I do believe that we have put together a good product that people of any age can watch and be completely entertained. Apart from the lead actors who have done a great job, the fifteen youngsters have given fantastic performances as well. Several performances are noteworthy and it could well be a landmark film for its content and presentation.’
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