Sunday, December 27, 2009

10 Twitter Review Comments on 3 Idiots

Was following closely what people saying about 3 idiots in twitter world.

Looks like people are just loving it. Just picked up 10 comments about the movie.

  • Only Aamir can bring people into a theatre that late. Superb film.

  • My mind is full with 3 Idiots scenes.

  • Magical mix of madness and message. Only an 'Idiot' would miss it.

  • Felt especially pleased with myself because I'm an idiot too! It's strange how a movie's making me feel vindicated!

  • woh college ke din yad ate hai,regging ke woh din.kabil bano.kamyab nahi.

  • 3 Idiots' is a cracker!!! It can bring a smile to your face even at the most unexpected moments. Must-watch for all!

  • I am expecting Munnabhai Chale America very badly now

  • Exceeded the novel by miles. A must watch movie for all. Even for those who have read novel.

  • 3 Idiots makes fun of a prof named SAHASRABUDHE :( ! But real life is diff.The best prof i had in my life was SCS .. S.C.Sahasrabudhe!)

  • m speechless.could find a bit of each of my frn in evry character..missin all badly :(wanna gt bak to clg agn...plzz
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